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Travel Policy


a) It is the policy of the Board of Directors for the Cambria Community Services District ("CCSD") to limit travel for only those purposes that enhance the efficient and effective operation of the CCSD. Employees traveling on CCSD business shall do so by the most economical means available. Employees are expected to travel together if they are attending the same function unless a business reason exists to do otherwise.

b) Authority to travel, and reimbursements for incurred costs of travel, including meals, transportation, registration, lodging, parking, and other such direct costs, shall be in accordance with this policy.

Travel Authorization

Employee Travel Request Form T-1

a) A completed Employee Travel Request form (T-1) reflecting estimated costs associated with a given trip shall be submitted for all employees on CCSD travel requiring overnight accommodations and/or incurring cost to the CCSD. Department Heads may authorize travel for their respective employees in cases involving in-County travel and out-of-County travel not requiring overnight accommodations. Out-of-county travel requiring overnight accommodations requires the approval of the General Manager as well as the Department Head.

b) If applicable, a completed Employee Travel Request form shall be submitted to the General Manager as far in advance as possible of the anticipated date of travel, but in no case less than ten (10) days prior to the employee's anticipated travel. All Employee Travel Requests shall be approved by the Department Head or his/her designee, in advance of presentation to the General Manager.

c) The Department Head or General Manager may approve, deny, or modify the Employee Travel Request.

d) If an emergency condition exists requiring the authorization of travel, a Department Head shall immediately notify the General Manager. During their unavailability or in their absence, the Department Head may authorize such travel provided notification is given to the General Manager on the next available workday. A lack of planning shall not create an emergency.

e) If an Employee Travel Request is approved and for some reason the travel arrangements are canceled, the Department Head should state the reason on the approved Employee Travel Request and return it to the Finance Manager, or his/her designee. The Department Head should seek recovery of any advance registration fees paid and cancel all related hotel/motel reservations. The Department Head should note any cancellation fees or charges to which the CCSD may be subject on the approved Employee Travel Request.

f) The current Employee Travel Request form (T-1) may be redesigned, modified, or revised at the discretion of the General Manager or his/her designee, whenever conditions warrant.

g) If the cost incurred exceeds the approved amount by the lesser of 20% or $50, a
revised Employee Travel Request with an accompanying explanation for the increase is required. All signatures required for the original Employee Travel Request are required for the revised Employee Travel Request. Reimbursement to the employee for the costs above the originally approved amount will not be made until the revised Employee Travel Request is completely processed.

Travel Reimbursement

a) Unless otherwise specifically stated or provided by law, mileage reimbursement for authorized travel, where an employee uses his/her own personal vehicle shall be at the current Internal Revenue Service (IRS) mileage rate. Reimbursement will only be made for actual miles driven. Trips should be planned so that the shortest distance possible is driven, although it is acceptable to take driving time into consideration. This may result in insignificant additional miles being driven so as to save time.

b) Travel outside of the CCSD involving overnight lodging shall be reimbursed at actual lodging costs. To be eligible for the lodging reimbursement, the employee must be authorized to travel to the designated area and must furnish a commercial lodging receipt (indicating the location of the lodging) for the day(s) of travel.

c) Meal reimbursement shall be for actual and reasonable costs provided detailed receipts are submitted, or at the following per diem rates:

  1. Breakfast-TEN AND NO/100 DOLLARS ($10.00).
  2. Lunch - FIFTEEN AND NO/100 DOLLARS ($15.00).
  3. Dinner - TWENTY-FIVE AND NO/100 DOLLARS ($25.00); OR
  4. Daily Rate - FIFTY AND NO/100 DOLLARS ($50.00).

The above rates apply to 24-hour periods. For less than 24-hour periods, breakfast will be reimbursed if travel began no later than 7:00 a.m.; lunch will be reimbursed if the travel began no later than 12:00 p.m.; and dinner will be reimbursed if the travel began no later than 6:00 p.m.

No reimbursement will be made for any meal that is included and paid for by the CCSD within a registration fee.

d) All reasonable telephone calls made by CCSD employees while traveling or away on CCSD business to their home or office, or for extenuating circumstances (e.g., family emergency), or as approved by the General Manager, are permitted and reimbursable.

e) The following items shall NOT be eligible for travel reimbursement:

  1. Alcohol that is not part of a meal.
  2. In-room services not covered under the general room rate (e.g., laundry and dry-cleaning services, liquor bar, snacks, video, and premium television services, etc.).
  3. Sport/fitness facility fees not covered by the room rate.
  4. Such other costs as determined by the General Manager not directly relating to the purpose of the travel.
  5. Any costs of individuals not on official CCSD business.

Travel Advance

a) Employees requesting an advance for travel shall complete and sign the appropriate sections of the Employee Travel Request form and obtain the Department Head's and General Manager's signatures. The completed and approved Employee Travel Request form must be received by the Finance Department at least ten (10) days prior to the anticipated travel.

b) Travel advance requests may include advance payment for registration, lodging, meals, and/or transportation and shall not be less than FIFTY AND NO/100 DOLLARS ($50.00).

c) Employees requesting a travel advance may be made up to one hundred percent (100%) of the allowable costs associated with the travel, as approved by the General Manager.

Travel Expense Claim 

2022 Travel Expense Claim Form

a) Within ten (10) days upon return from traveling, employees are required to complete a Travel Expense Claim (T-2) reflecting expenses of the travel. It must be signed by the employee and approved by his/her department head or designee.

b) All receipts associated with travel MUST be turned in with the completed Travel Expense Claim.

c) Return the completed Travel Expense Claim with attached receipts to the Finance
Manager or his/her designee.

d) The employee will receive a CCSD check for the balance due, if any, to him/her within ten (10) days of receipt by the Finance Department.

e) The employee must submit any amount that may be due to the CCSD by personal check, cash, or money order with the completed Travel Expense Claim form.

f) In situations where a travel advance has been issued, if the Travel Expense Claim form is not submitted to the Finance Department within ten (10) days from the last day of related travel, the amount of the travel advance will be deducted from the employee's next paycheck. Exemptions must be approved by the General Manager or his/her designee prior to the expiration of the 10-day period.

g) No reimbursement for any travel expenses will be made if the Travel Expense Claim form is not submitted to the Finance Department within ninety (90) days from the last
day of related travel. Exemptions must be approved by the General Manager or his/her designee prior to the expiration of the 90-day period.

Vehicle Usage

a) All CCSD employees are required to have and maintain a valid California Driver's License, including the minimum insurance required by California law for any privately owned vehicle used during the course of official CCSD business. The employee's insurance represents the primary coverage for privately owned vehicles. Privately owned vehicles used on CCSD business shall be maintained in a manner to meet all applicable safety requirements. Employees shall follow all laws, rules, and regulations of all jurisdictions while operating a vehicle on CCSD business.

b) Individuals not employed by the CCSD or working for the CCSD as a private contractor shall not travel in CCSD vehicles or privately owned vehicles being used on CCSD business unless approved by the General Manager. Individuals not employed by the CCSD shall never operate CCSD vehicles except for individuals performing approved maintenance/repair services on the vehicle.

c) If a motor vehicle accident occurs while on CCSD business, regardless if in a CCSD vehicle or a privately owned vehicle being used for CCSD business, the appropriate law enforcement agency shall be contacted immediately and every attempt shall be made to have a report completed. If the law enforcement agency declines to prepare a report, the employee shall record the name of the party contacted at the law enforcement agency, the time that they were contacted, and a written report of the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident shall be completed by the employee at the earliest opportunity. The employee's report will include the contact information of all parties involved in the accident, including vehicle descriptions, and insurance coverage. The employee's supervisor shall be notified of the accident at the earliest opportunity, but in any event no later than by the next business day.

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