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Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

Cambria Community Services District’s Workplace Violence Prevention Plan 
Established July 1, 2024

The Cambria Community Services District’s (“District”) Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (“Plan” or “WVPP”) was approved by the Board of Directors on June 20, 2024, and went into effect on July 1, 2024. The District ensured substantial compliance with the WVPP by providing employees with training as discussed in the Plan on June 27 and 28, 2024. The Plan shall continue in full force and effect until repealed or rescinded. The purpose of the Plan is to establish, implement, and maintain an effective workplace violence prevention plan as required under Labor Code sections 6401.7 and 6401.9.  

CCSD Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

Specifically, this Plan contains procedures to address the following statutory requirements:

  1. Record information in a Violent Incident Log for every incident of Workplace Violence, as defined below.
  2. Provide effective training to employees on the legal requirements related to the prevention of workplace violence, including but not limited to the District’s WVPP.
  3. Maintain records of the following: (a) Workplace Violence hazards, (b) District employee (hereinafter referred to as “employees”) trainings, (c) Violent Incident Logs, and (d) the investigation of any incident of Workplace Violence.  
  4. Ensure certain records are made available to the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (“Division” or “DOSH”), employees, and any authorized employee representatives. 
District’s Workplace Violence Prevention Coordinator
General Manager Matthew McElhenie

The individual identified below shall serve as the District’s Workplace Violence Prevention Coordinator (“Coordinator(s) and is authorized to and responsible for implementing the WVPP: 

TitleJob Title/PositionContact InformationWVPP Responsibilities
General ManagerGeneral Manager(805) 503-0466 or (805) 927-6230Workplace Violence Prevention Coordinator

Specifically, the General Manager will be responsible for the following:

  1. Serve as the Chair of the District’s Workplace Violence Prevention Committee (“Committee”).
  2. Establish and coordinate Work Practice Controls.
  3. Establish and coordinate Engineering Controls.
  4. Respond to reports of Workplace Violence incidents and Workplace Violence hazards, including investigating incidents of Workplace Violence and Workplace Violence hazards. 
Workplace Violence Prevention Committee
The Workplace Violence Prevention Committee will meet on September 30, 2024.

The District established a Workplace Violence Prevention Committee (“Committee”) to assess the District’s Workplace Violence hazards and determine preventative actions to be taken.  The Committee shall be comprised of the General Manager and Management & Confidential Employees (MCE) and the following individuals:  

  • General Manager
  • Administrative Department Manager
  • Confidential Administrative Assistant
  • Fire Chief
  • Facilities & Resources Manager
  • Utilities Department Manager
  • Water Systems Superintendent
  • Wastewater Systems Superintendent
  • Program Manager
  • Employee Representative from SEIU Bargaining Unit 
  • Employee Representative from IAFF Bargaining Unit 

The Committee shall undertake the following: 

  1. Meet regularly, but not less than quarterly;
  2. Prepare and make available to any affected employees, the records of the workplace violence issues discussed at the Committee meetings and maintained for review by DOSH upon request;
  3. Review the results of the District’s periodic, scheduled workplace inspections;
  4. Review investigations of Workplace Violence and their causes, and where appropriate, submit suggestions to the District’s management for the prevention of future incidents. Personal identifying information, including employee names shall be excluded from documents provided to the Committee;
  5. Review investigations of alleged Workplace Violence hazards brought to the attention of any Committee member. When determined necessary by the Committee, the Committee may conduct its own inspection and investigation to assist in remedial solution(s). Personal identifiable information shall be excluded from investigation reports prepared or provided to the Committee;
  6. Submit recommendations to assist in the evaluation of employee safety suggestions;  
  7. Upon request from the DOSH, verify abatement action taken by the District to abate citations issued by the DOSH;
  8. Provide updates to the WVPP;
  9. Prepare and implement Workplace Violence training subsequent to the initial training; and 
  10. At minimum, review the WVPP under the following circumstances: (a) once annually; (b) when a deficiency is observed or becomes apparent; and (c) after a Workplace Violence incident.
    1. A review of the WVPP should include the following: (a) review of the Violent Incident Log; (b) review employee comments and feedback on the WVPP; (c) review of other records; and (d) a physical inspection of the workplace.  
    2. Following the review, report any revisions to the Plan to employees.  
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