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WSCP Stage 2

Water Shortage Watch

Stage 2 of the CCSD's Water Shortage Contingency Plan includes the following Water Shortage Response Actions:

  • Up to 3 days per week landscape irrigation when using potable water; no more than 15 minutes per day per station.
  • Car washing is only permitted using a commercial carwash that recirculates water or by high pressure/low volume wash systems.
  • Commercial car wash and laundry systems. Installation of new or replacement non re-circulating water systems in commercial conveyor car wash or commercial laundry systems is prohibited.
  • Use of graywater, as that term is defined in the California Health & Safety Code, or recycled water for irrigation is permitted on any day and at any time, subject only to any permits issued by the County.
  • Construction operations receiving water from a construction meter or water truck shall not use water unnecessarily for any purpose other than those required by regulatory agencies. Construction projects requiring watering for new landscaping materials shall adhere to the designated irrigation requirements set forth in this plan and shall only install native or drought-tolerant plant species.
  • District will commence public outreach campaign regarding water shortage watch restrictions including presentations and/or materials provided to local schools and street signage.

Additional Shortage Response Actions per Resolution 36-2022

  • Staff to increase water waste patrols
  • District will provide high-efficiency plumbing and landscape irrigation rebates and giveaways, budget permitting.
  • Refilling of irrigation water cisterns with potable water from the CCSD is prohibited

Resources for the Community

Download a printable one-pager about Stage 2 below. Post this easy-to-read guide at your home or business to remind yourself that the community is experiencing a Water Shortage Watch.

Stage 2 Water Shortage Watch as Modified by the Board of DirectorsStage 2 Water Shortage Watch
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