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1/14/2023 Cambria Weather Update

The Cambria CSD Fire Department has been closely monitoring this current weather pattern, to ensure the safety of all Cambrians. Fire Chief Vincent participated in this morning’s SLO County Operational Area Storm Coordination conference call, on behalf of Cambria. The National Weather Service has predicted rain on and off through Sunday night and into Monday morning. We are expecting to receive a couple of inches of rain in Cambria.

Cambria may have short periods of localized pooling of water, but is not expected to flood. The roads will be wet and there will be an increased possibility for hydroplaning on the roadways. If you can stay off the roadways this weekend, please do so to reduce the chance of a weather related vehicle accident.

As always, your Cambria CSD Fire Department will be staffed and ready to respond to and mitigate any weather related emergency this weekend! We will be monitoring conditions and keeping you informed of any changes. Stay Safe Cambria, We Got Your Back!

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