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1/8/2023 Severe Weather Update 

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Severe Weather Update

Today at 2pm, the Cambria CSD Fire Chief attended the San Luis Obispo County Operational Area Storm Coordination Group conference call, on behalf of the Cambria CSD and all Cambrians. A weather report was directly given to the cooperating agencies from a representative with the National Weather Service. See below.


  • Prolonged period of active weather with heavy winds and rain.
  • First storm system will bring heavy rain and begin Sunday Night and peak by Monday afternoon.
  • Tuesday morning the area will be hit by another large weather front, bringing additional rain and winds.
  • Cambria is forecasted to potentially receive around 1 inch per hour during peak storm periods, with 2-5 inches expected in Cambria.
  • A FLOOD WATCH has been issued beginning Sunday night through Monday afternoon for Cambria.
  • Wind gusts are expected to be up to 60 mph in Cambria.
  • Expect downed trees and power outages in Cambria.

Surf Conditions

  • HIGH SURF ADVISORY in place in Cambria all week.
  • 8-12 foot surf, with up to 17 foot surf predicted by late this week.

Cambria CSD Preparation

The Cambria CSD has up-staffed the fire Department and the Water/Wastewater departments, to protect Cambria during this weather event. The CSD Fire Chief will be serving as the Acting General Manager and be on duty in Cambria for the next 48 hours straight, to ensure emergency responses are coordinated with our partnering agencies throughout the event.

County Public Works will be staged in Cambria and in direct contact with the Fire Chief, in order to mitigate flooding through activations of pump systems.

Public Safety Message

“If you can stay home, please stay home and limit travel. We do expect some localized flooding, road closures, power lines down, power outages, and very high surf. Your Cambria CSD Fire Department, water/wastewater department, ambulance service, CHP, sheriffs, and County Public Works are prepared and ready to respond to protect Cambria” 
Dr. Justin Vincent (Cambria CSD Fire Chief/ Acting CCSD General Manager)
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