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1/9/2023 Windsor Blvd Road Closure

The Santa Rosa Creek crested its banks and has begun to overflow the bridge at Windsor Blvd, at the entrance to Park Hill in Cambria. San Luis Obispo County Roads has been notified and Windsor Blvd has been shut down to all traffic until further notice.

The Emergency Access Road across the ranch has been opened at both the Park Hill and Lodge Hill access points. At this time, the road is still passable; however, with significant rain anticipated in the extended forecast, it is possible this road may have to be shut down as well.

The safest course of action is to shelter-in-place until County Roads deems it safe to reopen Windsor Blvd. If you choose to leave, be advised that you may not be able to immediately return to your home due to deteriorating road conditions.

May contain: rain
May contain: water and flood
May contain: water and flood
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