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After Hours Call Back

Call back is defined as a non-exempt employee actually and physically returning to District facilities or a service location.

Call back does not include communications, including via text, email, and/or telephone call, that do not require the employee to physically return to District facilities or a service location. Such required work communications, excluding non-compensable de minimus time (six minutes or less, but not excluded if occurring between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am), are accounted for separately as time worked in log entries in increments of 15 minutes (for time worked between seven and fifteen minutes).

Each non-exempt employee who is called back to work after normal work hours, including on-call workers, shall be compensated for a maximum of 2 hours for all work actually performed during the 2-hour period. If actual work exceeds 2 hours, then all time worked will be accounted for and paid on an hour for hour basis. If the time worked on call-back qualifies as overtime, then the hours worked will be compensated at one-and-one-half times the regular rate. This call-back section applies to call-back on regular work days or on week-ends and holidays.

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