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Cambria CSD Fire Department Update on Moonstone Beach Drive Incident

Today, the Cambria CSD Fire Department sprung into action along Moonstone Beach Drive in response to a Haz-Mat incident dubbed the Beach IC. We were joined by the Cambria Community Healthcare District, San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department, Cal Fire, and the County Hazardous Materials Team. Together, we swiftly evacuated 14 hotel occupants to safety while our Haz-Mat Team diligently investigated the source. Thanks to their expertise and collaboration, the situation is under control. 

Firefighters near a fire truck and an ambulance at an incident scene, with caution tape and onlookers.
Photo Courtesy of CAL FIRE SLO
Firefighters in gear on a street with buildings and vehicles, caution tape visible.
Photo Courtesy of CAL FIRE SLO
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