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Engineering & Utilities Department

The Engineering Department is managed by Ray Dienzo, Utilities Department Manager/District Engineer and supported by Tristan Reaper, Program Manager and Leah Reedall, Administrative Technician II - Support to District Engineer.

Connection Permits

All new connections, including connections that are the result of active service transfers, must be permitted by the Engineering Department. Please download and complete the following permit package and return all information and documents to the District Engineer at 5500 Heath Lane, Cambria, Calif. 93428 or email

Connection Permit Application Packet (UED1, WWD1)

Equivalent Dwelling Units

"Equivalent dwelling unit" or "EDU" - The average water usage for a single-family residence, as determined by the district, constitutes one EDU. The table of equivalent dwelling units determines the number of EDUs (or fraction thereof) attributable to a particular use on a parcel of land.

Table of Equivalent Dwelling Units
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