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Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Events

The Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is a large open-space property that stretches approximately one mile along the ocean and includes part of Santa Rosa Creek. The Bluff trail is on the West side of the Ranch. The Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is bordered on the other three sides by Park Hill residences to the North, the West Lodge Hill neighborhood to the south, and downtown Cambria to the East. The West side of the Ranch is accessible from many locations in the community. The East side of the Ranch is separated by Highway 1, which links Cambria to other communities along the coast. There are numerous trails on the West Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, most of which are open to hikers, and bicyclists. To host an event, please review the event policy and complete the form below.  

Event Policy for Fiscalini Ranch Preserve 

Executed Resolution 05-2013Executed Resolution 06-2013 Event Policy for Fiscanlini Ranch Preserve
  1. A request in writing must be received by the Ranch Manager. The request must include the type of event, date or dates, number of participants and location where the event is being requested.
  2. No vehicles, generators, amplified sound, fires, structures or tents, or receptions are allowed. Up to 25 (twenty-five) chairs will be allowed.
  3. Participants will not exceed 50 (fifty). Over 25 (twenty-five) participants requires approval of Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Board of Directors. The Board must have at least a 45-days advance notice. FFRP must notify the Ranch Manager within 30 days if approval is denied.
  4. Set up can be no more than 2 hours before the event and must be removed within an hour following the event. Signs to the event site will only be allowed during the set up, event and must be removed within an hour after the event.
  5. A certificate of insurance must be provided before approval is final. The insurance must be for $1,000,000 in general liability and name the CCSD as additional insured.
  6. The Ranch Manager will meet with the person(s) requesting approval to walk the approved site and outline the boundaries for the gathering. The site must be out of any environmentally sensitive areas.
  7. A letter (permit) will be issued outlining the description of the event, the location and the rules.
  8. FFRP would be notified of any Ranch Manager approved event, regardless of the number of participants.
  9. FFRP and CCSD will meet at least annually to review this policy and its compliance with the terms of the Management Plan, Conservation Easement and protection of the Ranch's natural resources.
  10. The Ranch Manager and a representative of FFRP will meet to designate areas suitable for public gatherings.
  11. There is a $100 (one hundred) application fee for an event, donations will also be accepted and are always welcomed.
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