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Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Monterey Pine Forest Analysis: Maintenance and Monitoring Programs

The Cambria Monterey Pine forest is one of only three native stands left in Coastal California. A number of factors threaten the survival and health of these valuable forests including disease, pests, fire suppression, development, and aging. To address these issues and provide long-term solutions, preparation of a Forest Management Plan was initiated in May of 2000 by the Cambria Forest Committee, an advisory committee to the CCSD.

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Grant funding totaling $100,000 was obtained from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. The consultant firm of Jones & Stokes was retained to develop the plan in conjunction with the community. A final Forest Management Plan was completed in 2002.

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Monterey Pine Forest Analysis Maintenance & Monitoring ProgramCounty & State Codes Related to Habitat Protection & Wildland Fire Prevention in Cambria
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