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Free Chipping FAQs

Why do I need marking tape? 

It is our way of locating the material and making sure the pile is designated for chipping and not some other purpose.

Why are the chips being hauled away? 

Chipped materials are fine fuels which can readily accommodate, feed and accelerate any fire activity. Reducing these fine fuels helps reduce the ability of a fire to grow and spread and reduces ember production.

When will the chipping occur? 

We will commence chipping on August 1st and continue on to Tuesday August 2nd if needed. We have route-planning to do and there are other variables that could affect that date.  Once you have provided an email address we will pass on the most current information.

Can I add to the pile after July 29th? 

Within reason, yes.  If you generate additional materials to be chipped, add them to your existing pile. If you need to create a new pile, please contact us.  (

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