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Free Chipping for Cambria Residents 

The Fire Safe Council of San Luis Obispo County is providing the grant funding for a Cambria area chipping event in cooperation with the Cambria Fire Safe Focus Group, the Cambria CSD Fire Department and Cambria CSD Fire CERT. The chipping team will chip vegetation on your property. This is a free event for Cambria residents to help make your home and community safer. 

Starting on July 5, 2022, Cambria residents can complete the signup form in the side bar, or pick up a signup form & flagging tape at the Cambria CSD Fire Station, located at 2850 Burton Drive. Please complete the signup form, or pick-up and complete a copy at the Cambria CSD Fire Station, no later than July 29, 2022.


  • Material must be less than 8-inches in diameter and no longer than 7- feet
  • Material must be marked with flagging tape (provided at the Fire Station) and placed at the street edge near the pile by July 29th
  • Only limbs and like material may be chipped. No grass, leaves, pine needles, sawed lumber or building materials.
  • All chipped material will be collected by the chipping contractor
  • If your pile for chipping is larger than a Small SUV then please note in Chipping sign-up form
  • Sorry, we cannot schedule a precise time for arrival
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