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***Main Street Pump - Anticipated Flooding***

The incoming storm event will bring an excessive amount of rain and flooding to Cambria over the next couple of days. It is anticipated that the West end of Main Street will again see some substantial flooding. The Cambria CSD Fire Chief made contact with the County Public Works crew servicing the Pump Station at the West end of Main Street today.

The Chief was informed that the pump has been switched to automatically turn on via a float mechanism, in anticipation of the incoming storm. The County Public Works Department will be notified as soon as the pump turns on and will be dispatching someone to Cambria to stay on site and monitor the pump.

The pump is capable of moving 3000 gallons per minute and dumps all the water directly into the Santa Rosa Creek. If the Creek levels rise too high, the effectiveness of the pump will be reduced, resulting in increased flooding along Main Street.

For any questions on the Pump system, you can contact the San Luis Obispo County Public Works Department at 805-781-5252. As always, your Cambria CSD Fire Department will be on duty and available to monitor the rising water levels and mitigate emergencies in Cambria. Stay safe Cambria!

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