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*** ⚠️Weather Event ⚠️***

Cambria is expected to be impacted fairly significantly by the upcoming weather event. The County as a whole, is expected to receive anywhere from 3-5 inches of rain from Thursday through Saturday. The Rocky Butte area is expected to potentially receive 4-8 inches of rain, having a direct flooding impact on Cambria.

Cambrians can expect 10-20 mph winds with gusts between 20-40 mph. Localized flooding is expected. If you live in an area that normally floods, it is anticipated that this weather event will cause those areas to flood again.

Residents of the Park Hill area of Cambria should be prepared to potentially have to shelter in place, as there is a high degree of probability for the Windsor Bridge to be flooded and closed. The Cambria CSD Fire Department will be closely monitoring the flood water rise, to ensure that vehicles are not swept away in the rapidly rising flood waters. We will update the public if this roadway is closed and when we open up the emergency access road across the Fiscalini Ranch.

You can expect light rain to start tomorrow morning and build up to a heavy downpour by the evening. Friday will also have long periods of heavy rain. 

Please make sure that you and your family have adequate supplies to potentially shelter in place if the storm causes a power outage. You Cambria CSD Fire Department will be up staffed and available 24/7, to keep all Cambrians safe during this weather event. If you can avoid driving on the roadways during this storm, please due so to lower your risk of being caught in flash flooding or a vehicle accident. 

Stay safe Cambria.

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