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Policy Committee

Purpose & Responsibilities

  1. Review existing operational and governance policies that the Board has identified as requiring assessment, update, or organization for consistency with other existing policies; Identify potential areas of policy needs not currently addressed in the CCSD Policy Handbook and develop needs assessments regarding impact due to lack of policy and immediacy of need. The Committee Chair shall provide the needs assessments to the Board members for consideration. If the Board determines that a policy is required, the Board shall proceed according to the existing Policy No. 1000 (“Adoption/Amendment of Policies”) and (for policies to be included in the District Policy Handbook) the “Policy Handbook Checklist” adopted on November 10, 2022.
  2. Support other standing committees’ policy review needs. 

Committee Members

Committee MemberTitleAppointment Date Term Expiration
Debra ScottChairperson7/13/2023
Gordon HeinrichsVice Chairperson2/1/20232/1/2025
Donn HowellSecretary2/1/20232/1/2025
Claudia Harmon WorthenCommittee Member2/1/20232/1/2025
 Ted KeyCommittee Member2/1/20232/1/2025
Jim TownsendCommittee Member2/1/20232/1/2025
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