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Sustainable Solutions Turnkey

Program Objective and Description

The Sustainable Solutions Turnkey (SST) Program is a PG&E sponsored program to assist customers like the CCSD in completing comprehensive energy and infrastructure projects which enhance facility performance while reducing the associated operating cost and environmental footprint--delivered through a singly end-to-end turnkey process. 

The program offers the CCSD all of the services required to complete a successful project that would otherwise have to be procured by the CCSD on a piecemeal basis. It includes:

  • Integrated development, engineering and installation services
  • Project, construction and safety management
  • Equipment, material and contractor procurement
  • Commissioning, start-up testing, documentation and operator training
  • Funding procurement, including available grants and low-interest financing

The SST program includes a free Preliminary Energy Assessment, and Investment Grade Audit, and project implementation. 

Associated Documents

Preliminary Assessment ReportIGA ProposalSST Master Service AgreementSST Work Order No. 1Final SST IGA Report


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