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Water Conservation Measures Still in Effect

Even when it rains, we are still an a drought

On December 7, 2022, the State Water Resources Control Board will meet to consider extending emergency regulations that prohibit certain wasteful water use practices statewide and encourage the efficient use of water at all times. 

As the seasons change and wintry weather begins to make its appearance, the CCSD would like to remind you to continue to use water efficiently and to follow all water shortage response actions still in effect. 

Below is a quick table of just some state and local restrictions in effect today. Visit our drought webpage for a complete list.

We thank you for doing your part to protect our water supply.

Up to one day per week of landscape irrigation when using potable water; no more than 15 minutes per day per station.CCSD
Car washing is only permitted using a commercial carwash that recirculates water or by high pressure/low volume wash systems.CCSD
New landscaping should be limited to native or drought tolerant plants.CCSD
No outdoor watering that lets water run onto sidewalks and other areas (except incidental runoff).CCSD; SWRCB
No washing hard surfaces like driveways or sidewalks that don’t absorb water.CCSD; SWRCB
No outdoor watering within 48 hours after at least 1/4 inch of rainfall.CCSD; SWRCB
No watering of non-functional lawns in commercial, industrial, and institutional areas.CCSD; SWRCB
No filling decorative fountains, lakes, or ponds.CCSD; SWRCB
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