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Water Fixture Retrofit Program

The CCSD's Water Fixture Retrofit Programs are part of the Water Use Efficiency Plan adopted February 28, 2013 and are outlined in Title 4 of the CCSD Municipal Code. There are three different components of the retrofit program:

  • Retrofit Upon Resale
  • Retrofit Upon Expansion of Use
  • Retrofit for New Construction

Retrofit Verification Process (New!)

Please note that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CCSD staff will be unavailable for inspections. Please use the form below to verify compliance with CCSD code and all retrofit requirements.

Form C-1: Retrofit Verification Form (COVID-19)

Submit your completed form below or email it to us at You will receive a confirmation email if your submission is accepted. All required fields must be completed..

Application Fee

A $55 application fee is required and may be mailed to the CCSD or submitted via the Payment Dropbox at the Administrative Office located at 1316 Tamsen St, Ste 201. Please indicate the service address on your check. 

At this time, the CCSD is only accepting checks or money orders. Please do not leave cash in the Payment Dropbox. Thank you for your understanding!

Questions? Please call us at 805-927-6116 or email