Water Permits and Wait Lists

The CCSD is urging all residents and business owners to minimize their water use during this critical time. Review information below for more details including Frequently Asked Questions and Glossary of Terms.

New Connections

CCSD declared a Water Code 350 emergency in November 2001, which is still in effect. CCSD is not issuing any new water or wastewater connections.

CHAPTER 3. Water Shortage Emergencies [350 - 359]

(Chapter 3 added by Stats. 1953, Ch. 140.) 350.

The governing body of a distributor of a public water supply, whether publicly or privately owned and including a mutual water company, may declare a water shortage emergency condition to prevail within the area served by such distributor whenever it finds and determines that the ordinary demands and requirements of water consumers cannot be satisfied without depleting the water supply of the distributor to the extent that there would be insufficient water for human consumption, sanitation, and fire protection.

Wait List

The waiting list for new water and sewer hookups was established in 1986. The list was closed to new applications on December 31, 1990 in cooperation with the County's 1990 Growth Management Ordinance, which limited all new county wide growth to 2.3% annually. Due to concerns about Cambria's water availability, the County reduced Cambria's growth limit to 1% in 2000. The current growth rate set by the County for Cambria is 0%.

Below are the current residential, commercial and multi-family wait lists.  For more information, please contact the CCSD at 805-927-6223.

The information provided below represents those properties on the CCSD wait list as of 5/15/2019:

Single Family Residential Wait List by Position NumberMultifamily Residential Wait List by Position NumberCommercial Wait List by Position Number


To withdraw from the wait list, please complete the form below and submit the the District Offices located at 1316 Tamsen St., Suite 201.

Application for Withdrawal

Intent To Serve Letters

An Intent to Serve Letter is part of the water hookup process. It states that the CCSD will provide water and sewer service to a residential or commercial building project if there is sufficient water, if fees are paid on time, and if all steps are completed satisfactorily.  Intent to Serve Letters issued prior to November of 2001 will be honored by the CCSD.

If you currently have an intent to serve letter and need an extension, please complete the Intent to Serve Letter Extension Application and submit it to the CCSD Admin Office with the required $200 deposit. Applications and supporting documentation can be emailed to (redacted); however, processing can not commence until the deposit is received at our office.

Intent to Serve Extension Application

Water Transfers & Assignments


Wait list positions, Intent-to-Serve letters, connection permits, grandfathered permits, and active service can be transferred from one parcel to another eligible parcel, per Title 8 of the CCSD Code.

Grandfathered permits and active service transfers do not require that you wait for an "Intent to Serve" letter from the wait list; however, there are certain fees and requirements associated with these meters. Please consult the current schedule of fees and CCSD Code for further information.

Application for Transfer of Position


A position is assignable to a new owner of the same parcel only upon sale of the parcel and approval of an application for assignment by the general manager subject to the conditions and/or limitations specified in CCSD Municipal Code Section 8.04.090 - Assignment of Positions.

Application for Assignment of Position

Grandfather Meters and Active Service Transfers

These two types of water meters do not require that you wait for an "Intent to Serve" letter from the Waiting list; however, there are certain fees and requirements associated with these meters. Use the form below to submit any inquiries related to these types of water positions.

Still Have Questions about Water Service in Cambria?

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Water Rights Licenses

San Simeon Creek Underflow License No 13916 Permit No 17287.pdfSS Crk Underflow Points of Diversion Map.pdfSanta Rosa Creek Underflow License No 13917 Permit No 20387.pdfSR Crk Underflow Points of Diversion Map.pdf