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Water Permits and Wait Lists

New Connections

CCSD declared a Water Code 350 emergency in November 2001, which is still in effect. CCSD is not issuing any new water or wastewater connections.

CHAPTER 3. Water Shortage Emergencies [350 - 359]

(Chapter 3 added by Stats. 1953, Ch. 140.) 350.

The governing body of a distributor of a public water supply, whether publicly or privately owned and including a mutual water company, may declare a water shortage emergency condition to prevail within the area served by such distributor whenever it finds and determines that the ordinary demands and requirements of water consumers cannot be satisfied without depleting the water supply of the distributor to the extent that there would be insufficient water for human consumption, sanitation, and fire protection.

Remodels, Reconstruction, and Grandfathers

The County of San Luis Obispo requires a Will Serve letter for all projects utilizing CCSD water and/or wastewater services, as well as a Fire Plan Review from the Cambria CSD Fire Department. Projects eligible for a Will Serve include remodels of existing residences, reconstruction of existing residences, remodels or change-of-use for commercial properties (assuming the use remains within the existing EDU allocation), and new construction utilizing a grandfathered meter.

Grandfathered meters are non-active service commitments which predate the Water Code Section 350 emergency declaration and which are connected to the CCSD's water system. Grandfathers pay minimum bi-monthly billing to maintain their status. A listing of grandfathered meters, as well as other non-active commitments is included below.

Existing Commitment List

For more information on the application process for Will Serves, please click the link below.

Request a Change to Your Water Service

Some projects require upsizing your meter for fire flow or other hydralic requirements. If you would like to request a change in meter size or location on a property currently receiving CCSD water service, please use the form below.

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