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WSCP Stage 4

Water Shortage Emergency

ⓘ On January 20, 2022, the CCSD Board of Directors adopted Resolution 05-2022 declaring a Stage 1 Baseline Water Shortage Condition: Water Use Efficiency is a Way of Life. This action terminated the Stage 4 which was enacted July 15, 2021.

Stage 4 of the CCSD's Water Shortage Contingency Plan includes the following shortage response actions:

  • Up to one day per week of landscape irrigation when using potable water; no more than 10 minutes per day per station.
  • Maintenance of existing landscaping necessary for fire protection as specified by the Fire Chief of the Cambria CSD Fire Department; if fire-protection landscaping is not sustainable by irrigation one (1) days per week, irrigation may be increased to not more than two (2) days per week;
  • Maintenance of existing landscaping for erosion control; if erosion-control landscaping is not sustainable by irrigation one (1) day per week, may be irrigated up to two (2) days per week.
  • Implement monthly meter reading; customer notification re: percentage of allocation used 
  • Existing pools shall not be emptied and refilled using potable water unless required for public health and safety purposes.
  • No new will serves for projects including pool or spa installation will be permitted.
  • Staff directed to communicate with water users in the 90th percentile of their customer class to help reduce consumption.
  • Previous waivers for watering or water use in excess of drought restrictions will be revoked.
  • Washing of personal vehicles at home (including autos, trucks, trailers, motor homes, boats, or others) is prohibited.
  • Water use allocation per permanent resident: 3 units per month. Commercial water use allocation: 3 units per EDU or fraction thereof; or average of last 12 months water use, whichever is less. Vacation rental allocation: 3 units per month.
  • Upon the declaration of a water shortage emergency, no new water meters allowed, except for health and safety, unless water demand is offset to a net zero increase. Achieving net zero water increase is when potable water use of proposed development is no greater than current demand within the District’s service area prior to installation of the new meters. The District will separately develop a “Net Zero Water Increase Program.” The objective of the Program shall be to provide a means to continue sustainable growth during continuing water shortage conditions.
  • No new temporary construction meter permits will be issued by the District.
  • The District will suspend consideration of annexations to its service area unless the annexation increases the water supply available to the District by more than the anticipated demands of the property to be annexed.
  • Staff directed to prepare WRF for operation.

Resources for the Community

Water shortage contingency plan

Download a printable one-pager about Stage 4 below. Post this easy-to-read guide at your home or business to remind yourself that the community is experiencing a Water Shortage Emergency.

Stage 4 - Water Shortage Emergency


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