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Fiscalini Ranch Preserve offers miles of walking trails, featuring dramatic coastline, coastal prairie, seasonal wetlands, and majestic pine and oak forests. The trail map features all of the designated Ranch entrances and trails.

West Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Trails

1. Bluff Trail - 0.9 miles

A beautiful walk on boardwalk and gravel paths, the trail follows the coastal bluff from Windsor Boulevard North to South and is part of the 1,100 Mile California Coastal Trail System. Hiker and ADA accessible with partial wood boardwalk and hand-crafted benches.

4. Marine Terrace Trail - 0.7 miles

The level trail features rustic stone benches located between rolling grasslands with stunning views of the coast and mountains. The trail runs from the north Windsor Boulevard entrance to Marlborough Drive and is hiker, bicycle and ADA accessible.

5. Trenton Trail - 0.8 miles

The trail follows a peaceful pine and oak forest with rustic bridge spanning seasonal creek, connecting to the Ridge and Forest Loop Trails.

6. Forest Loop Trail - 1.0 mile

Winding through 70 acres of native Monterey pines and coast live oaks, the trail offers a magnificent forest habitat experience.

8. Meander Trail - 0.6 miles

The trail follows the forest’s edge from the southern end of the Marine Terrace Trail to the Forest Loop Trail, through seasonal wildflowers,  grasslands and panoramic views of Ranch and ocean. Moderate elevation change.

9. Creek to Forest Trail - 0.5 miles

The trail features a moderate climb from the Santa Rosa Creek west entrance through peaceful mixed oak and pine forest, winding up the hill and connecting to the Forest Loop Trail.

10. Ridge Trail - 0.6 miles

The trail follows a 200’ high ridge from Huntington Drive, connecting to the Forest Loop Trail. With views of the Monterey National Marine Sanctuary to the west and the Santa Lucia range to the east and north, the trail offers hikers views of the Pacific on one side of the ridge and Cambria on the other.

11. Creek to Ridge Trail - 0.2 miles

The trail winds uphill past original ranch foundations to connect with the Ridge Trail. Moderate elevation change.

12. SeaClift Trail - 0.3 miles

The trail climbs uphill from the north Windsor Avenue entrance, connecting to the Meander or Dolphin Trails, featuring a seasonal creek, grasslands, and seasonal wildflowers. Moderate elevation change.

13. Wallbridge Trail - 0.4 miles

The trail traverses grasslands overlooking a seasonal creek, with views to the ocean before connecting to the Dolphin Trail.

14. Dolphin Trail - 0.5 miles

The trail follows the forest’s edge uphill through rolling grasslands to the Ridge Trail lined by large Cypress trees overlooking the Pacific. Moderate elevation change.

17. Santa Rosa Creek Trail - West - 0.8 miles

The trail follows riparian areas, shaded by willows, where hikers find foundations of original Fiscalini Town Ranch buildings. The trail connects to Santa Rosa Creek, a habitat for steel head trout.

East Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Trails

15. Santa Rosa Creek Trail - East - 0.5 miles

The flat trail meanders through grassland and seasonal wetlands between a forest hillside and Santa Rosa Creek.

Dog Park

A large, fenced off-leash area divided into two sections, one for large and one for smaller dogs, is available at the Rodeo Grounds Road off of Burton Drive in the East Village.

Bicycle Trails Guidelines & Maps

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May contain: chart and plot
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