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Acronym Glossary

Agency/Organization Acronyms 
ACEArmy Corps of Engineers
APCDAir Pollution Control District
CCCCalifornia Coastal Commission
CCSDCambria Community Services District
CDFWCalifornia Department of Fish and Wildlife
DDWDivision of Drinking Water
DWRDepartment of Water Resources
DWRDivision of Water Rights
EMMAElectronic Municipal Market Access
LAFCOLocal Agency Formation Commission
NMFSNational Marine Fisheries Service
PROSParks, Recreation & Open Space
RWQCBRegional Water Quality Control Board
SSSPSan Simeon State Park
SWRCBState Water Resources Control Board
USFWSUnited States Fish and Wildlife Services
WRFWater Reclamation Facility (formerly Sustainable Water Facility (SWF))
WWTPWastewater Treatment Plant
Fire Department Acronyms 
AFGAssistance to Firefighters Grant
ALSAdvanced Life Support
BLSBasic Life Support
FHFRPFire Hazard Fuel Reduction Program
NFPANational Fire Protection Association
PSPSPublic Safety Power Shutdown 
SAFERStaffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response
Utilities Acronyms 
AHPAffordable Housing Program
AMIAdvanced Metering Infrastructure
AMPAdaptive Management Plan
AWTPAdvanced Water Treatment Plant
BABiological Assessment
BOBiological Opinion
CDPCoastal Development Program
EDUEquivalent Dwelling Unit
EIREnvironmental Impact Report
ESAEndangered Species Act
ESHAEnvironmentally Sensitive Habitat Area
FOGFats, Oils, Grease
I&IInfiltration and Inflow
IFSInstream Flow Study
GISGeographic Information System
GMPGroundwater Management Plan
LCPLocal Coastal Program
NCAPNorth Coast Area Plan
RASReturn Activated Sludge
SEIRSubsequent Environmental Impact Report
SSMPSewer System Management Plan
SSWFSan Simeon Well Field
SWIBSurface Water Impoundment Basin
SWTPSurface Water Treatment Plant
TACTechnical Advisory Committee
WASWaste Activated Sludge
WRFWater Reclamation Facility
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