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Parks, Recreation & Open Space (PROS) Committee

Purpose & Responsibilities

  1. Assess existing resources and gather information regarding the parks, open space, and recreational needs of the community.
  2. Establish collaborative working relationships with relevant public and private organizations.
  3. Support and work directly with the CCSD General Manager and Facilities & Resources Manager to create plans for meeting the needs of the community within the bounds of current and potential resources.
  4. Recommend plans of action to the Board regarding meeting the community needs for parks, recreation, and open space.
  5. Facilitate communication with the residents of Cambria both to update community priorities for parks, recreation, and open space, and to obtain community support for planned actions. 

Committee Members

Committee MembersTitleAppointment DateTerm Expiration
Michael ThomasChairperson9/14/2023
Shannon SutherlandVice Chairperson9/14/20232/1/2025
Jeff WilsonSecretary10/12/20232/1/2025
Steve KniffenCommittee Member9/14/20232/1/2025
Jim BahringerCommittee Member9/14/20232/1/2025
Juli AmodeiCommittee Member5/15/20242/1/2025
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