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Burning Restrictions in Cambria

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The Cambria CSD Fire Department is charged with the task of providing a reasonable degree of fire and life safety protection to the citizens and visitors to our town. The adoption of the California Fire Code and Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) code, together with more restrictive local amendments provides a reasonable and established means of adequately protecting life, the environment and property in Cambria. While the adoption of these regulations may not prevent all incidents of fire or deaths from fire, the implementation of the various codes and/or requirements will reduce the severity and potential for the loss of life, damage to the environment and property damage in our community. The Cambria Community Services District adopted Ordinance 05-2013 which outlines in Section 7. CFC Section 307.1.1 that all open burning, bonfires, warming fires and debris fires is prohibited within the Cambria CSD jurisdictional boundaries, except as permitted and authorized by the Cambria CSD Fire Department and the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District. Approved commercial gas and wood burning devices and pit fires are allowed ONLY when every opening is covered by a spark arrestor screen with mesh no larger than ¼ inch in size. If you plan on enjoying a fire, please have a garden hose readily available. If you see a dangerous or unattended fire please call the Fire Department non-emergency number (805) 927-6240.

Additionally, the discharge, possession and or storage of both Safe and Sane Fireworks, as well as all illegal Fireworks, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in Cambria. If you need to report issues related to the use of Fireworks, please call the Cambria Fire Department non-emergency number (805) 927-6240.

Ordinance 05-2013
Fire pit safety sheet
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