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Public Safety Power Shutdown (PSPS)

Are You Signed Up for Power Shutoff Alerts?

PG&E Important Customer MessagePG&E Community Wildfire Safety Program PG&E Community Wildfire Safety Program Public Safety Power Shutoff

PG&E is implementing some aggressive measures to decrease the risk of wildfires sparked by or aggravated by commercial power equipment failures. These measures are called ‘Public Safety Power Shutoffs’ (PSPS) and can result in a temporary shutdown of power anywhere in California. These power losses could be as long as 3 to 7 or more days, depending on what triggers them.  Everyone in the state needs to prepare for and understand how to respond to these potential PSPS events.

For more information, go to  (ENGLISH/ ESPAÑOL). There are two ways to sign up for PSPS alerts:

  1. If you ARE the PG&E account holder, you can log into your account and sign up for alerts at  (ENGLISH/ ESPAÑOL)
  2. If you are NOT the account holder, you can go to this link and sign up using your ZIP code.  (ENGLISH/ ESPAÑOL)

The Cambria Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) distributed information provided by Pacific Gas & Electric Company to help you prepare and, if necessary, respond to a ‘Public Safety Power Shutoff’ (PSPS).

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