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District Project Updates

Strategic Goal & ObjectiveProjectDescriptionStatus: 9/19/2023
Water/WRF Objective #3Coastal Development Permit for the Water Reclamation FacilityLand Use Application DRC2013-00112 for the regular permitting of the Water Reclamation Facility.District and County staff met to discuss current need to extend the schedule due to the inclusion of Instream Flow Study Task 1 results and the Section 7 consultation. County staff acknowledges will continue to work with the District. Revisions to the project description are in process - use for existing customers and repurposing of former brine storage pond. 
Water/WRF Objective #2Instream Flow Study Task 1Study of the Lower San Simeon Watershed from Palmer Flats to the lagoon. Follows the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s methodology to establish instream flow needs for critical species and habitat.The Technical Advisory Committee met to review the Draft IFS on 3/2/2023. IFS documents are now available at: Additional scope to include Van Gordon Creek analysis and agricultural pumping from our percolation ponds was requested.
Water/WRF Objective #3Instream Flow Study Task 2Completion of the Annual Adaptive Management Plan report and supporting groundwater modeling and monitoring.The 2022 draft AMP Annual Report can be read at 2023 monitoring continues and additional modeling is in progress to better define lagoon level thresholds and triggers for AMP.
Water/WRF Objective #3Endangered Species Act Section 7 ConsultationFederal consultation process to ensure that WRF project activities are not likely to jeopardize the continued existence of listed species or destroy or adversely modify designated critical habitats. Includes permitting assistance, reporting, and technical support.Data from Instream Flow Study Task 1 is being considered to inform this Consultation. This effort is on hold until the additional scope of work for the Instream Flow Study is completed.
Water/General Objective #4San Simeon Well Field (SSWF) Transmission Main ProjectDeveloping a permanent repair of the San Simeon Water Main. This project will also include solutions for the parallel Sewer Effluent Main.R&I Committee approved to award the engineering and permitting efforts to Cannon Engineering at the June 26th special meeting. The Board approved their professional services agreement at the August 10 meeting.
Water/General Objective #2Water Meter Replacement Project - AMIUpgrades system to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) with new meters and real-time water analytics.Staff and legal counsel are reviewing the contracting approach. Staff presented a sole source approach to the Board at the August 10 meeting.
EV Charging StationInstallation and operation of two EV charging stations at the Vets Hall.Efforts to engage the County to move this station are in process. The possibilities to contract with a project manager to do the design and permitting were discussed. The Board approved a public works contract with Thoma Electric at the September 14 meeting. Work will commence at the beginning of October.
PROS Objective #5Cambria Skatepark ProjectDesign and construction of a new skatepark facility at the old skatepark location on Main St across from the Vets Hall.The Board approved commencing with the permitting process during the Nov 17th meeting. The application package was submitted to the County on Nov 28. The Board approved staff to apply for the LWCF grant in the May 25, 2023 special meeting. Staff were notified that this permit application is complete and is in the discretionary review process, which requires the review and approval of the Administrative Hearing Officer, the Subdivision Review Board, the Planning Commission, or the Board of Supervisors.
PROS Objective #6Community Park RestroomDesign and construction of a restroom facility located near the Dog Park on the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve.Generating building specifications to respond to the County comments. Resubmittal to address comments is anticipated by August 2023.
Water/WRF Objective #1Pilot Project for Zero Liquid Discharge for Brine in WRFPilot study project to test innovative technology for brine reduction with the goal of zero liquid discharge.Next phase is the Piloting agreement. Global Water Innovations is working through the process with the granting agencies. National Alliance for Water Innovations (NAWI) has approved the statement of project objectives. The project has now gone to the Department of Energy for their review. Approval is anticipated next month. The piloting agreement would follow afterwards.
Water/General Objective #3Stuart Street Tank ProjectCritical water infrastructure project to rebuild the Stuart Street tanks which have reached their useful operational life.Our EPA representative acknowledged receipt of our submitted NEPA CATEX form (the Federal version of a categorical exemption) which is under review. Staff have engaged geotechnical and design consultants to prepare plans and specifications to construct tanks to meet the current building codes.
Coastal Commission Notice of ViolationCoastal Commission issued a Notice of Violation on 4/19/22 regarding CCSD intent to serve letters, water service to Tract 1804, and alleged violations of existing water extractions.No change from last month. Staff submitted a formal response to the Commission and is awaiting next steps. A follow-up communication was sent to Commission staff on June 20, 2022. The General Manager met with the Coastal Commission informally to discuss the CCSD's response; no formal response from the Coastal Commission has been received.
COVID-19 Wastewater SurveillanceThe District introduced COVID-19 wastewater surveillance to the County in March 2020. Participating in Centers for Disease Control (CDC) National Wastewater Surveillance System (NWSS) sponsored program till January 2023. No cost to the District.Monitoring ongoing.
Projects Removed from the Table
Annual Water Supply and Demand AssessmentThe AWSDA is required by the California Water Code to analyze current water supply and demand conditions as well as project water supply reliability over the next year.Note: Complete, and removed from the table for the 8/17/2023 Board Meeting.
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