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District Project Updates

Updated 2/17/2024

CORE AREA: Water Services - General

STRATEGIC GOAL: Meet the Ongoing Challenges of Effectively and Reliably Managing Water Resources in our Sensitive Ecosystem

Implement the Water Meter Replacement Program

Utility staff finally received ten Nicor Antennae with Orion cellular programming to commence the long-awaited pilot program. All devices have been installed and are communicating data effectively. Contract processing is nearly complete. The scope of work has been completed and finalized by counsel while insurance requirements are being completed.

Complete the Stuart Street Tank Construction

On January 11, 2024, the Board of Directors approved an Agreement for Consultant Services with MKN & Associates, Inc., for engineering design and bid/construction phase services to replace the Stuart Street Tanks. 

District Staff met with engineers and associates on February 6, 2024, to discuss the timeline and construction sequence of the Stuart Street Tank Replacement. Concerns were raised about the foundation depth and distance between the existing tanks. Staff will work with consultants to provide future updates on the tank replacement project. 

Permanent Replacement of San Simeon Water Line & Effluent Line

A review of the Preliminary Design Report occurred on January 22, 2024, to discuss the alternatives for alignment and consider the most feasible for construction. The Resources and Infrastructure Committee reviewed the alignments and potential installations at their February 12, 2024, meeting and voted for Alignment #3. This recommendation will come before the Board of Directors in March for final resolution. CCSD staff and consultants have contacted State Parks to coordinate regulatory and environmental permitting. The District looks forward to working collaboratively with State Parks on this project.  

Research Long-Term Water Storage Solutions

R&I revitalized the Ad Hoc Committee consisting of Mr. Webb & Mr. Williams. The Ad Hoc Committee provided a thorough report at the R&I Committee meeting, and President Dean will provide the report at a board meeting.

CORE AREA: Water Services – Water Reclamation Facility

STRATEGIC GOAL: Advance Coastal Development Permit (CDP) to Achieve County and Coastal Commission Approval

Resolve the Brine Waste Disposal Issue

Staff is in the process of scheduling a pilot program based on an alternative analysis for the Zero Liquid Discharge Program.

Zero Liquid Discharge Program

District staff held a progress update meeting with our contractor on January 26, 2024. Construction of a working pilot is underway, pending coordination between our consultant and the accounting manager for the project, Lawrence Livermore Labs. The mobile ZLD unit is partially constructed, but grant financing requirements must be finalized to ensure payment to our contractor before any further work is performed, including meetings with the District and the public. Once financing is finalized, initial steps will include presentations to the Board and standing committees, a piloting agreement between our contractor and the District, and site surveying. 

Complete the Instream Flow Study Task 1 to Include Van Gordon Creek

IFS work has lately been concentrating on CDP and TAC (Technical Advisory Committee) comment responses. They have addressed the TAC comments received in their report and are awaiting a few follow-up items, one of which is from the county, which wanted more fish rescue details that were not completed initially. Stillwater is coordinating with CDFW (California Department of Fish and Wildlife) for more details and recommendations.

Stillwater is completing a memo summarizing recommendations for the district. Their report had recommendations for monitoring and District operations, but it was not explicitly spelled out. They are expanding on this in a separate memo for us to review and address how we can manage our operations to protect aquatic resources.    

Complete the Coastal Development Permit (CDP) Application

We recently finished our first Board review of the draft project description for the WRF. It was a very robust discussion that included many public comments and Board recommendations. We will receive more feedback as SLO County does its first informal review of the project description. Once we discuss and incorporate those recommendations, staff will meet again with the ad hoc committee to finalize the draft and bring it back before the Board for approval. With Board approval, staff will then submit the Coastal Development Permit application to the County of San Luis Obispo.

CORE AREA: Wastewater Services

STRATEGIC GOAL: Execute Phased Repairs and Upgrades for the Wastewater Treatment System

Define methodology for identification of required reporting to dissemination agent

Staff selected NBS as the dissemination agent.

Monitor project expenditures and performance during the construction phase

Quarterly reports to Finance and Resources & Infrastructure Committees, and Board of Directors.

Revise any District Policies or Procedures to incorporate findings, as appropriate based on learnings from tracking project

Future objective.

Establish priorities and an implementation plan for CIP wastewater projects not in the SST.

Fourth quarter 2023.

CORE AREA: Fire Protection and Emergency Services

STRATEGIC GOAL: Provide Optimal Fire Protection, Water Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services on a 24/7 Basis

Update the CCSD Board on any and all changes to evacuation planning within the District.

A letter was reviewed and approved by the Board on 7/13/2023. The letter was mailed to the property owners. The CCSD is still engaging in dialogue with the property owners. 

Prepare and provide to the Board a Fire Prevention Plan for Cambria for Board consideration.

Fourth quarter 2024.

Report on the progress of implementing the Zonehaven System and the emergency alert system.

Know Your Zone magnets have arrived, and the Cambria Fire Department crews are handing out magnets to citizens when appropriate on calls, etc.  The public is encouraged to stop by the fire station to pick up a magnet or come to the "Meet the Fire Chief" on Friday, February 23, 2024, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Be prepared for the next natural disaster by KNOWING YOUR ZONE. Know Your Zone in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Visit – type your address in the search bar or use your current address. 
  2. Click on the highlighted zone and locate the number listed in the zone description panel. 
  3. Write your zone down and place it somewhere easily accessible by everyone in your house. 
  4. Click on Subscribe to Alerts to stay updated in case of an emergency.
  5. Explore the information provided in your zone's description panel and bookmark any useful links provided. 

Cambrians are encouraged to download the Genasys Protect application on your smartphone, enter your address, and save your zone.  If you need more information, or if you are having trouble downloading the application or need assistance locating your Zone, please contact Fire Chief Burkey or come to the "Meet the Fire Chief" on Friday, February 23, 2024, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and we would be happy to assist you. 

Present report to the Board regarding the allocation of the general fund for services that are funded through the general fund.

Fourth quarter 2023.

CORE AREA: Facilities and Resources

STRATEGIC GOAL: Manage and Provide Stewardship of District Assets, Parks, Recreation, and Open Space in a Timely, Cost-Effective, and Environmentally Sensitive Manner

Define future use and funding for the Veterans’ Hall

On October 19, 2023, the Board of Directors received the Ad Hoc Committee report on future use and funding for the Veterans' Hall.

Complete Cambria Skatepark Project

The Department of Parks and Recreation Office of Grants and Local Services contacted the District and indicated that Section 106 is required for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) application. We must complete the steps below to document that Section 106 compliance has been met for their project. Section 106 documentation cannot be over five years from the date submitted to the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) for approval. Section 106 should be completed early in the project planning process and must be completed before any ground disturbance and/or construction.  District staff is currently in the process of completing the LWCF Program's Section 106 requirements. On January 19, 2024, and February 5, 2024, the staff contacted the Native American Tribes, and we are awaiting responses. District staff attended the LWCF Federal Requirements Workshop on January 31, 2024. Staff met with our consultant on January 29, 2024, and received drawings from him that date identifying the encroachments that would result from changes proposed by NCAC.  

Complete the East Ranch Restroom Project

On December 7, 2023, the Board of Directors approved the Intent to Serve Letter for the public bathroom facility at the East Fiscalini Ranch Park and approved a change to the Community Park Master Plan to allow the Board-approved water-serving restroom design. The project is in process at the planning level with the County.  The application expiration date has been extended from February 23, 2024, to August 23, 2024. The soil plan review letter from our geotechnical consultant and revisions to the civil plan set relating to lighting were received from our consultant on January 31, 2024. The previously prepared Environmental Monitoring Plan was reviewed and accepted by our environmental consultant for this phase on February 6, 2024. With the completion of all documents and responses to the County’s previous plan review summary, staff resubmitted the requested items through the County’s online permit portal on February 13, 2024. The submittal documents are currently under review by the County Planning Department, and issuance of the construction permit is expected, barring any unforeseeable delays. 

Present options and estimated construction and maintenance costs and possible funding sources for future Community Park projects to the Board.

Address at next strategic planning workshop.

Present report to the Board regarding the allocation of the general fund for services that are funded through the general fund.

Fourth quarter 2023.


Status of the Wastewater SST Project

Mrs. Dodson created a Wastewater SST Project information page on the website. It is available here:

San Simeon Well 3

Utility staff brought three updated proposals for installation to the Resources & Infrastructure Committee on February 12, 2024. The citizens committee selected Precision Hydro to construct and replace San Simeon Well 3. A kick-off meeting is tentatively scheduled for late February, and we look to have replaced the pump by the end of March. 

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