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Substance Abuse Policy

The purpose of this policy is to confirm District’s commitment to maintain a drug and alcohol-free workplace, insure the health and safety of all District employees, customers and the general public; to identify and discipline employees who use or abuse alcohol, marijuana or drugs while on-duty. The District recognizes that the use of alcohol, marijuana, or illegal drugs or the abuse of legal drugs in the workplace is not conducive to safe working conditions. In order to promote a safe, healthy, and productive work environment for all employees, it is the objective of the District to have a work force that is free from the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and drugs.

a) This policy applies to all employees when they are on District property, when performing any District-related business, during off-site lunch periods and breaks when an employee is scheduled to return to work, and when employees are assigned to on-call duty (collectively “on-duty”).

b) No District employee who is on-duty will:

  1. Use, possess, purchase, sell, distribute, transport, or be under the influence of an illegal drug.
  2. Use or be under the influence of alcohol.
  3. Use or be under the influence of marijuana.
  4. Be impaired by the use of a legal drug whenever such impairment might (i) endanger the safety of the employee or some other person, (ii) pose a risk of significant damage to District property or equipment; or (iii) adversely interfere with the employee's job performance or the efficient operation of the District's business or equipment. Any employee who feels his/her performance of work-related duties may be impaired by use of any legal drug that carries a warning label that includes that mental functioning, motor skills and/or judgement may be adversely affected, should report it to his/her supervisor and medical advice should be sought before performing work-related duties. In the above instance, an employee using a legal drug may continue to work if the supervisor determines that the employee does not pose a safety threat and that job performance is not affected by such use.

c) Employees will be subject to drug and alcohol testing when there is reasonable suspicion that the employee has violated this policy. In addition, when such an employee has already been found in violation of this policy through any action or medical examination process under this policy, as a result of substance testing under this policy, or by the employee’s own admission, the employee will be required to submit to periodic substance testing, provided that he or she is not terminated, as a condition of remaining in or returning to District employment.

d) The District has also adopted a Substance Abuse Policy for “safety-sensitive” positions that includes additional provisions relating to testing of such employees. As set forth in the Substance Abuse Policy, employees in classifications identified as safety-sensitive are subject to testing, including reasonable suspicion testing, post-accident testing, and random drug testing.


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